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Your support will make possible the release of this remarkable, moving, and timely documentary.  This story will never be told at American film festivals, or through the media or big-tech platforms without your help.  It's a story they don't want to be heard.  

But it has to be TOLD.

A shocking "7 out of 10 millennials say they would vote for a socialist to get FREE college, FREE healthcare, FREE cell phones, and an equal share of the US wealth where the workers own and run all businesses" - recent YOUGOV poll.

Clearly, our youth need to see A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA.

You can help make that possible.

A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA is currently partnering with freedom-minded activist groups, student organizations, churches, and politicians to educate our youth about the failures of authoritarian societies.  We made the film, now we need your help to spread the message of A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA.  Our freedoms and our nation’s future may depend on it.

   Every 100 dollars helps us reach100 college-aged Americans.

Someone has to show THE TRUTH.

Listen to the stories of the struggle to survive and the search for freedom. Witness the slide from democracy to socialism to dictatorship through the eyes of those who've experienced it first hand. How it all started, how it changed lives, how it destroyed families. 

We asked ourselves—Will America’s Constitutional Republic become a mob-rules democracy and then parallel Venezuela's fate? 

​Is there really a difference between historical socialism and the "new" Democratic socialism movement happening right now in the U.S.?

A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA is the uncensored, unfiltered, unbiased truth behind an authoritarian dictatorship and the real-life long-term effects it has on the family. 



Your donation will help us with:


An expert PR will get the word out.


Aggregators are needed in order to book and release the film on streaming platforms.

Social Media Marketing 

Of course, we will be blasting this out on all Social Media platforms and creating the needed content.

Our young people need to be made aware of THE TRUTH—at least the other side of the narrative.

Thank You for your Help!

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