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“A collection of stunning interviews with prominent media figures and immigrants who escaped socialism — now living their American Dream.  

A NEW LIFE IN AMERICA takes a reality check of living under an authoritarian state, how it destroys families, and 

why the media covers it up.”


Many new immigrants to the US lived through hell in Venezuela.  Some escaped Maduro's dictatorship and now live in Farmington, a small town in Southern Missouri—the so-called "flyover country".  In this film, you'll meet a former Venezuelan Air Force pilot grappling with guilt and regret.  You'll meet two immigrant doctors struggling to keep their families together by any means possible.  You'll meet an asylum seeker dealing with the nightmare of being kidnapped with her two young children.  And a teenage boy on a study abroad program as he struggles with whether to stay in the US or go back to Venezuela to fight for freedom with his friends—a powerful decision to make at age 18.  Socialism has dramatically changed all their lives.  So we ask—is a collective society, solely focused on protecting the collective, worth the freedom of the individual?  It always sounds so good—is it?

— Our young people are misinformed and              miseducated — it could take us down.


— We need to show the realities of socialism       through the release of this documentary.


— Big-tech censorship is at an all-time high.                                


"I’m not a political person, but I know making this film will put me at odds with those who are.  This could mean NO positive media reviews.  NO late-night show appearances.  NO film festival selections.  NO Youtube monitorization.  And NO Hollywood film distribution deals. 


So why do it?  Because it's THE TRUTH."

                                                  - Director



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